How to Become MAGNUS-OVÉA – Part I: Live Virtuously and Holistically – Continuously

How to become MAGNUS-OVÉA – Part I: Live virtuously and holistically—continuously

I would never presume how to tell you how to become MAGNUS-OVÉA. I can only comment on what the journey means to me. Your commitment is personal, a sacred, devoted promise to yourself – as it should be. Your path is unique, matchless – how you define it; how you travel it; how you overcome … Read more

Decriminalizing Mental Illness Is about New Wave Leadership

Building a Crisis Intervention Team is about leadership. A well working, permanent local effort to decriminalize mental illness is the work of unselfish collaboration across and with agencies for years. The whole becomes greater than the sum. And that sum is a contribution to community wellbeing. Why wellbeing? It is not wellness; a matter for … Read more