Decriminalizing Mental Illness Is about New Wave Leadership

Building a Crisis Intervention Team is about leadership. A well working, permanent local effort to decriminalize mental illness is the work of unselfish collaboration across and with agencies for years. The whole becomes greater than the sum. And that sum is a contribution to community wellbeing. Why wellbeing? It is not wellness; a matter for medical types. Wellbeing here means creating conditions where all can thrive and be happy. It’s a big, big difference in how to lead—and get things done.

The problem about solving local social dysfunction demands considering and rethinking leadership. “What?” you say! Leadership has been a focus, obsession really, of the entire march of civilizations. What can be new? The short answer is that, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Then everything is new. Take that phone thing in your hand; it connects you to the world and you can conjure up just about any answer to any request.

What we wish you to consider is the modern role of leaders in adapting to how municipal governance is evolving. It requires a New Wave leader who gets:

  • Collaboration – Understand and go beyond cooperating on daily tasks to collaborating toward a vision.
  • Living Rightly – Continuously practice living virtuously and holistically because leaders lead by example.
  • Character – Understand the chief character traits of dynamic leadership is self-analysis and humility.
  • Failure is OK – Do not fear obstacles even failure as that is how we learn and progress.
  • The Logic of Bottom-Up – Understand building service program capacity from the bottom-up is New Wave leadership.

This New Wave leader realizes they have responsibilities beyond duty and obligation to improve the common good. Their leadership gathers strength and effectiveness first from within. They never stop self-analysis; shaping strengths and above all, improving weaknesses. Learning — Doing — Reflecting — Doing again. These doers of things small and great do it with character and humility.

Consider how you can become a New Wave leader.

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