We are Entering a New Wave of Municipal Service

The focus of government and governance is shifting from delivery of isolated agency services to providing collaborative services that better support community wellbeing. The goal is to more effectively help individuals and communities thrive.

Decriminalizing Mental Illness:
A Practical Model for Building Sustainable Crisis Intervention Teams

James Kopovic, DPP and Mitch Javidi, PhD, with Nicole Kopovic, PA-C and James D. Franklin

Crisis Intervention Teams divert people living with mental illness from jail with appropriate alternatives. Decriminalizing Mental Illness offers effective strategies for building a permanent Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program based on a confirmed, easy to follow process of capacity-building. To further increase your odds for success, Decriminalizing Mental Illness introduces the elements of MAGNUS-OVÉA New Wave leadership, based on character development and holistic individual potential.
Published 2019 © Affinitas Publishing.

“CIT is the best idea for addressing a major problem for local municipalities—
what to do with the mentally ill. Decriminalizing Mental Illness is the
most powerful blueprint for getting the job done.
—George F. Breedy, Captain, St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office

Dr. James Klopovic holds a Doctorate of Public Policy from Charles Sturt University, Sydney Australia, with concentration on service project capacity building at the organizational and community levels focusing on community policing, delinquency prevention, reducing recidivism and reducing prison populations. He has served as a senior staffer on The North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission for 24 years and he is retired from the United States Air Force where he served in multiple locales including South East Asia and the Middle East in numerous capacities including as a logistics line officer, training detachment commander, Department of Defense Advisor (from 1977-78) to the Imperial Iranian Air Force, Area Recruiter for the ROTC and  Air Force Academy and Associate Professor, Arizona State University. Read more …


Dr. Mitch Javidi is an envisioneer with over 30 years of practical and hands-on Leadership Development experience in diverse industries including Academia, Military, Law Enforcement, Government, and Technology. As a globally recognized leader, he is the founder of the National Command & Staff College, Institute for Credible Leadership Development and the Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development.  He has trained at the Joint Special Operations Command “JSOC” and the US Army Special Operations Command “USASOC.” He was awarded the honorary member of the United States Army Special Operations Command in 1999, honorary Sheriff by the National Sheriffs’ Association in 2016 and honorary Police Commander by the Santa Fe ISD Police Department (2019). He was also the recipient of the “Spirit Award” from the National Tactical Officers’ Association.  This prestigious award award is presented by NTOA to an individual whose work saves lives (2019).  Read more …

Nicole Klopovic, PA-C, daughter of James, is just beginning a promising career in medicine as a board-certified Physician Assistant. She always has key leadership positions including class president and co-director of a student-run clinic both at UC Davis, CA. Nicole is a Junior Faculty member and lecturer with the International Academy of Public Safety. Nicole lectures on the science, medicine and physiology of MAGNUS-OVÉA leadership as it pertains to behavior, mental health and moral development. When she is not working, she focuses on tutoring and collaborating on law enforcement programs and literature. Nicole strives to embrace the motto “carpe diem” while maintaining her compassion to mentor, help and teach others. She is co-authoring another book: Building Capacity from the Bottom Up: The Key to Sustaining Local Services, release in Fall 2020.

Chief Jim Franklin has just retired from the Minnesota Sheriffs Association after serving 14 years as the associations Executive Director.  His career spans 50 years of public safety service specializing in law enforcement, fire and emergency service operations.  His law enforcement career started in 1967 with the City of Maple Plain and then Orono, Minnesota police departments.  In 1979 Jim asked to create a new entity called the West Hennepin Public Safety Department and managed contract services for five local fire departments.  He has also served as the Director of Public Safety for the City of Mankato where he directed the Police, Fire, Joint Services and Emergency Management functions for the City.