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Decriminalizing Mental Illness:
A Practical Model for Building Sustainable Crisis Intervention Teams

Jamaes Kopovic, DPP, Mitch Javidi, PhD, Nicole Kopovic, PA-C, James D. Franklin

Crisis Intervention Teams divert people living with mental illness from jail with appropriate alternatives. Decriminalizing Mental Illness offers effective strategies for building a permanent Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program based on a confirmed, easy to follow process of capacity-building. To further increase your odds for success, Decriminalizing Mental Illness introduces the elements of MAGNUS-OVÉA New Wave leadership, based on character development and holistic individual potential.
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Your Moral Compass: A Practical Guide for New Wave Leader
James Kopovic, DPP; Mitch Javidi, PhD; Anthony H. Normore PhD; and Mark A. Garcia, Chief

Throughout the ages, moral conduct has been an overarching concern. Why? Simply because society doesn’t work well without morality. That’s why understanding this subject is essential for everyone—in every age and generation. Some understand this, but many don’t. Rest assured that having a good moral compass and using it is worth the effort many times over. Such understanding and practical implementation promotes harmonious relationships, business success, effective leadership, and just plain happiness. It’s vital now, and it’s vital to you.

Published 2020 © New Wave Publishers