We believe all of us have a story to tell

Affinitas Publishing is focused on works that stir the soul, ignite the mind and that are practical.

We wish to share our love of books.
  • We believe that a worthy book is a window to the soul.
  • We believe that a home without a library, even of a few works, is not complete.
  • We believe that making, reding and keeping good books enhance life and leave a legacy.
  • We believe in books that are a joy to read—that take us away—that make us think.
  • We believe that books are the foundation of a life worth living as good thinking, writing, speaking and doing begin and last with reading.
We produce books that chronical lives lived to the fullest.  Books that encourage people to pursue their dreams with easy to understand narratives of proven wisdom; let the reader to the rest.  These books are meant to enlighten worthy issues.  We seek works that make a difference in the individual and the common good. And that are a joy to read. 

We can never have enough good books and enlightening reading!

The Affinitas publishing team is ready to professionally handle all the tasks of getting a book into distribution from conception to book release. Since our care of your ideas is ‘one stop’ comprehensive, our rates are quite reasonable.  We love to work with authors and their ideas.

Affinitas Publishing is in collaboration with New Wave Publishers.