How to Become MAGNUS-OVÉA – Part I: Live Virtuously and Holistically – Continuously

I would never presume how to tell you how to become MAGNUS-OVÉA. I can only comment on what the journey means to me.

Your commitment is personal, a sacred, devoted promise to yourself – as it should be. Your path is unique, matchless – how you define it; how you travel it; how you overcome straying from your way is up to you. Your resolve will be tested; you must find the doggedness to push through. Your ideals will be tested; you must be certain that living with virtue is worthy. The reality of committing to the Journey of becoming more is that quite soon it becomes a habit. The fact is being good and doing good is natural. Even the science supports living morally produces positive hormonal reactions with every good deed and thought!

How to become MAGNUS-OVÉA – Part I: Live virtuously and holistically—continuouslyReally study the Cardinal Virtues: Justice – Courage – Wisdom – Temperance. Be disciplined about living holistically: Body – Mind – Spirit. Know that becoming MAGNUS-OVÉA it is an exceptional way to pursue what is meaningful in life. The reward is a sense of accomplishment, wonder about life and inter-generational legacy. It’s called happiness.

Discussion Consideration: What does the MAGNUS-OVÉA journey mean to you? How would you pursue it?

Module 3: Practical Emotional Intelligence

Essay: Discuss the importance of being emotionally intelligent as a public safety professional.
Is being emotionally intelligent a tactical tool? Explain why or why not?
(IN MAGNUS-OVÉA Book Chapter on Natural Pursuit pp 11-14)

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