Little Stories: A Legacy of Learning, Laughing and Loving
Billy Don Martin with James Kopovic 

Writing this book has been a reconnection, a humbling experience and a joy. Each story allowed me to relive my life and be with you, the people who make my life so rewarding. Remembering, retelling and relating each little story has allowed me to realize, despite it all, how lucky I am. And from the first story to the last I could not stop laughing, sometimes crying, but throughout smiling. How does one thank everyone who made this retrospective happen? It is impossible. In so many ways this memoir belongs and is due to all of you who lived it with me. To all my friends, to all my colleagues, to all my students, to the countless others who shared a moment, to all my fellow church members I simply say – Thanks! You have all made me very, very lucky. May God bless you and keep you. I hope you all read these stories and continue to Learn, Love and especially Laugh.

Published 2019 © Affinitas Publishing