Virtues of Magnanimous Officers + Why Become MAGNUS-OVÉA



Sit yourself down.

Think, but not long, before you to begin the journey to become MAGNUS—OVÉA; the hardest part is starting and well worth the study, thought and effort. Simply, by choosing to become MAGNUS—OVÉA, you can live a life worth living. By the process of becoming MAGNUS—OVÉA, your life will be one of length, legacy and meaning much beyond what you could have done otherwise. Becoming MAGNUS—OVÉA is doing the continuous work of living virtuously and holistically. By committing to the journey, it soon becomes an integral part of your day because the human condition naturally craves doing well and living healthily. By the way, you are not merely doing this for yourself, you are doing it for those around you, especially your children (or someone else’s) and theirs.

Becoming MAGNUS—OVÉA is to have consequence in the lives of family, those you work with, and those in your community. This is the embodiment of “paying it forward.” The Ancients would say: Study this, read a word, then ponder it.

NOTE: If you haven’t done the readings for this initial week, go back and read. Better yet; print them out so you may write in them, think of them and refer to them. They will begin your MAGNUS—OVÉA Journey:
Becoming MAGNUS – The Natural Pursuit of Virtue in Policing
Becoming MAGNUS – Success Is Equal Opportunity

Discussion Consideration: Describe what you think are your responsibilities as a MAGNUS—OVÉA New Wave leader.

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