Our partners are helping get the word out and support the building of stable, efficient, effective and especially practical municipal service programs.  The best programs make a measurable, meaningful improvement in community wellbeing where people can thrive.

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The National Command & Staff College (NCSC) is an education “Center of Excellence” for public safety professionals and beyond. The College recognizes leadership is a process of personal development – pre-hire to post-retirement. The College is dynamic and orients to the future. It incorporates the best of blended on-line and classroom learning experiences with comprehensive instruction and proven teaching methods. Our accomplished faculty recognize that education is a long-term commitment based on high academic standards. The NCSC believes policing builds community well-being through neighborhoods that are safe and secure where people thrive. 

The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the law enforcement community. NTOA currently has more than 40,000 members from specialties that include patrol, TEMS, crisis negotiations, canine, corrections, sniper, protective operations, explosives, command, tactical dispatchers, behavioral sciences and more.  These members take full advantage of NTOA’s annual training conference, interactive members-only website offerings and eagerly await the arrival of its renowned publication, The Tactical Edge.  NTOA’s dedicated staff members work hand-in-hand with high-quality, real-world public safety experts to provide the best services to NTOA members. This powerful combination contributes to the overall success of the organization through shared experiences and cutting edge training.  

MIRACLE, an acronym for Mental Illness Response Alternative Center for Law Enforcement, is a tailored system that directly addresses our nation’s current mental health crisis. The system enables first responders to not only better handle the immediate concerns of ensuring community safety when encountering a person with serious mental illness, but also focuses on long-term solutions to reduce the burden on jails, hospitals, transport, call centers and more.  Designed not to be a “one size fits all” system, MIRACLE’s services can be customized to meet each organization’s needs based on their current resources and capabilities.  

Chartered in 1940, the National Sheriffs’ Association is a professional association dedicated to serving the Office of Sheriff and its affiliates through law enforcement education and training, and through the provision of general law enforcement informational resources. NSA represents thousands of sheriffs, deputies and other law enforcement, public safety professionals, and concerned citizens nationwide.  Through the years, NSA has provided programs for Sheriffs, their deputies, chiefs of police, and others in the field of criminal justice to perform their jobs in the best possible manner and to better serve the people of their cities, counties or jurisdictions. 

The Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development (CJC-CLD®)  is an alliance of professionals qualified to develop credible leaders in law enforcement, corrections, and the military. The CJC-CLD is responsible for qualifying  Credible Leadership Organizations (CLO) and training Certified Credible Leaders (CCL) that have successfully completed the coursework offered by the National Command & Staff College of the International Academy of Public Safety.