Focus on Elements Necessary for Success

New Wave Publishers takes good ideas for the public sector and local governance from conception to the bookshelf. We emphasize the how. It’s relatively easy to explain the what and even the why of a program; the conundrum is always how to best implement it. Thus, we provide step-by-step information on how a community can establish a productive and permanent process to produce sustainable, cost-effective public programs.

After decades of observing local governance, we’ve concluded certain elements best ensure the success of public services.

Therefore, our publications support ideas that:

  • Contribute to Community Wellbeing – Beyond mandated services that help communities survive, individuals and agencies need a way to help communities thrive.
  • Proven to be Practical – If an idea is so complex or fraught with objections that it defies good planning, implementation, and sustainability, look for a different concept.
  • Build Service Infrastructure – Without support systems, service delivery ideas have a high failure rate.
  • Become Sustainable – An idea must plan for permanency, with its own resources and be included in the array of local services.
  • Replicable – If an idea can’t expand to meet the possibly growing demand for the service, the problem it seeks to resolve remains. The ultimate communal goal is to solve problems or at least diminish them.
  • Cost-Effective – A good program always pays; it doesn’t cost.
  • Meaningful Results – An idea ushered to permanency must mean something to the people it’s meant to serve and where they live.

In addition to providing the nuts and bolts of creating successful, meaningful public programs, New Wave Publishers brings awareness to New Wave MAGNUS-OVÉA leadership. Such leaders make it a priority to develop themselves personally and professionally. Their holistic approach to mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing as well as ethical and empathic inclusive leadership is a strong foundation and guiding light for every program in which they’re involved. We seek publications which offer practical advice to this era of public service.

New Wave Publishers is proud to present resources for developing MAGNUS-OVÉA leaders.