How to Become MAGNUS-OVÉA: Live the Cardinal Virtues – Part B: Courage

Courage – Fortitude. Of the many expressions of courage, the ultimate is to face mortal danger. But daily living requires resilience, strength and stamina. It takes courage to see or be given a task which is worthy but is beyond us, yet we say yes, then get about the work of figuring it out. It is not only extremely gratifying to succeed with a challenge, but you also become more than you would have if you did not try. Even out and out failure usually results in personal growth and progress way beyond the initial disappointment. My most successful friends love recounting their failures, and how they shaped their successes, which push those failures well into the background of time and memory.

Having the courage to accept a challenge just a bit beyond our reach is probably the main way in which we grow and prosper.

Module 5: Moral Compass

Essay: Discuss the importance of credibility for a leader. How does credibility, or lack of credibility, of a leader positively and negatively affect a public safety professional?

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