How to Become MAGNUS-OVÉA: Live the Cardinal Virtues – Part A: Wisdom

The first part of becoming MAGNUS for me is living virtuously – so simple – so challenging – so profoundly worth the pursuit. Thanks again to the ancients, occidental and oriental, they have done the thinking on virtues for us. Over hundreds of years of debate, over many philosophies of living they settled on the four Cardinal virtues. They are all in agreement that living well is a lifetime of study, thought, work, practice and application to live virtuously and well. Here is a quick review of what the ancients say and what it means for me. Make sure you conduct your own study of this ageless wisdom:

How to Become MAGNUS-OVÉA: Live the Cardinal Virtues - Part A: WisdomWisdom – Knowledge. Do those things to be an interesting person. First and foremost, read. It is the key to communicating and by communicating well we can teach and lead. Build a library of a few books of interest on topics such as ancient philosophy, health, managing your wealth, biographies, travel, your hobbies and good old fiction and nonfiction adventure tales. Do exciting things. Take up a good hobby, I personally like to shoot a little skeet (sometimes it makes me say indiscreet things, but I always come back, can’t get enough of it). I have seen Lenin in his glass sarcophagus, and I have looked down on eagles soaring above the clouds below me. Oh, the trips into the wild and the many marvelous memories that have resulted. I have seen joy erupt on my daughter’s face while landing a 35# King Salmon in the outback of Alaska. Travel and learn other cultures, even if it is to investigate the next state over. There is a reason most of the world comes here for vacation.

It is wisdom that makes life interesting — no — fascinating!

Discussion Consideration: Another way to define wisdom is that to grow and perpetuate a love of learning. How will you develop wisdom?

Module 4: Personal Leadership

Essay: In the video entitled “What Defines a Leader,” Jim Collins identifies the trait of humility as being the most important trait that a great leader possesses. Discuss why humility is so important in a leadership role and how it defines the leader’s ambition for the organization.
(IN MAGNUS-OVÉA Book Chapter on Natural Pursuit pp 11-14)

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