Decriminalizing Mental Illness is Limitless: Invent – Think – Struggle

I have been reading another good book: Limitless Mind by Jo Boaler (2019). The gist of it is that when we struggle even fail, our brains grow! It is common sense; now it is science. Due to neuroplasticity when the brain must really think and overcome obstacles especially by collaborating, we form new neural pathways which connect and strengthen. You can be smarter than your given talents allow by taking on challenges and not fearing failure. Which by the way describes one of the four Cardinal Virtues of a New Wave leader – Courage. This is the bravery to accept what is a bit beyond you, a bit scary, because it is a good thing to do such as decriminalizing mental illness.

In her book Dr. Boaler makes six points around this science and in doing so helps describe the New Wave leader:

    1. Neuroplasticity changes everything (p 13) – Learning is not fixed. “… we are all on a growth journey (p13).” We maintain that this journey is one of becoming a MAGNUS—OVÉA New Wave leader. Your brain is a muscle which responds to working out.
    2. Love mistakes, struggle and failure (p. 47) – Learn that obstructions big and small are opportunities to get smarter! That doesn’t mean you should go looking for trouble; don’t worry it will find you. But know that you can get it behind you and be better for it.

  1. Changing your mind, changes your reality (p 77) – If you believe you can, you can. Developing a growth mindset improves our internal organs especially our brains when our perceptions of ourselves is right. Optimism and gratitude open doors.
  2. The connected brain optimizes multidimensional thinking (p 101) – This is another way of saying, seek a matrix solution to personal and communal improvement. At the other end of struggle lies success. Little is out of reach.
  3. Speed is out and flexibility is in (p 133) – You don’t need to think fast. Learning optimizes when we approach ideas, and life, with creativity and flexibility. Being pressured to do fast, think fast is stressful; undue stress is unproductive. Don’t do that.
  4. Collaborate limitlessly (p 165) – Collaborating geometrically multiplies work produced, accomplishment and satisfaction. Working with people beyond just cooperation grows your brain and learning. Human collaboration is the original, primal, fundamental force multiplier — it is why we survived and dominate as a species.

Boaler, captures a bit of the MAGNUS—OVÉA journey. We grow when we:
. . . are working at the edge of (our) understanding, making mistake after mistake in difficult circumstances, correcting mistakes, moving on and making more mistakes, constantly pushing (ourselves) with the difficult.

Enjoy greater self-confidence, resilience and satisfaction in work and social relationships (Boaler 2019). It is said nothing succeeds like success; it just feels good over and over again and again.

Consider how you can change your mindset from fearing obstructions to seeing them as an opportunity?

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